Interested in Joining Us?

Thinker by Remnant by RJ
Do you live in the greater Kansas City Area?​
Do you make quality handmade products?
Do you enjoy helping and promoting others?

If you said yes to all the above, then this group is for you! We're a member run group.
We all help each other succeed in what we love doing best, making quality products!
Without each other's help, we wouldn't have the support that we need to succeed!

How does everyone help each other?
We have a closed group on facebook where we share ideas, thoughts, etc. with each other.
We share blog posts, new products, and more!

Is it free?
Kind of.
In order for us to succeed, 
each Kansas City Seller selects 2 or more ways to help each other in the group.

Can anyone join?
No. All applications go through a jury process that our members help select. 
There are requirements that we look for and that we would like to maintain for a high standard of handmakers.
1. Your shop must be on a website
(either your own, Etsy, Storenvy, ArtFire, or similar)
2. Quality handmade products.
3. Your photos must be of quality.
(photos that you can see in a magazine. No shaky cell phone pictures, or products in half shadow) 
4. Good social media platforms
5. You are serious about handmade and serious about supporting other handmade businesses.

If you are still interested,
you will need to select 2 of the participation requirements below that you will do if your application is accepted:

The participation requirements:
1. share what other fellow handmade in kc sellers sites/listings/etc. on your fb/twitter/etc. business page every week

2. put together a collection of photos from the handmade kc sellers every month
(it can be theme related, color, etc.)

3. write an article for the blog every other month
(i.e. what inspires you, interview another sellers that you admire b/c of their products, etc.)

4. Put together an event/workshop/etc. for the group once a quarter.

5. If you prefer not to do any of the above,
you will need to pay a membership fee of $50/yr
we understand that sometimes life doesn't give us all the time in the world to do everything! There are a handful of members that are assigned to do social media posts so the paid members are not left out.
The money will go toward advertising on blogs, domain fee, etc.  There is a breakdown of the money coming in and out in the group.

If this is what you're looking for in a group,
then let's start the process by filling out the form below
or email us at handmadeinkc [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you! We'll be in touch!