Friday, October 12, 2018

Boarded Up Window Tutorial

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With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought I'd share an easy, spooky, and eco-friendly decoration that you
can DIY out of an old pallet. So here’s a step by step to creating a boarded up window without actually nailing
boards over the windows.
The first thing you need to do is get a pallet, the more rough looking the better, and disassemble it.
Then get a power screwdriver, 8 to 10 wood Screws long enough to go into two boards but not all the way
through the back of the second (this length will vary depending on the manufacturer or the pallet), four
eyelets or hooks, and some heavy cording. Plus you’ll need a measuring device of some kind.
Pick out two or the longest boards you have and lay them parallel to each other, and distanced  apart so the
outside edge is the same as the inside of the window.

Take the other boards and criss-cross them over the top. Break the ends of the board off to get an aire of
authenticity. I had a variety of board widths so I mixed them. Once you get the look you want screw them
To hang it I used hooks. I already had two hooks above my window that I use for Christmas lights so I added to
hooks to the long vertical boards or you could just drill holes through them. I then used clothes line cord to tie
it to the height I wanted it.

There you have it it’s just that easy. If you are feeling particularly inventive, throw some bloody hand prints up
on them, cover the backs with burlap, or put artificial spider web on them. They are a great addition to any
haunted house.