Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Jam!


So you are in your favorite grocery story and looking for that oh so yummy fruity goodness to go with your peanut butter sandwich.  You get to your favorite aisle and the confusion starts.  You see jelly, jam, preserves (wait, isn’t that jam?), conserves, fruit honeys, chutney, fruit curd, marmalade, and fruit butters. Your head explodes.  How do you make a choice??  Why can’t it be more simple?  Well, here ya go, sugar.  Your personal path to simplicity in the condiment aisle, courtesy of our very own jam and jelly queen, Christy Bean, the owner and maker at Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen.
JELLY is made with juice and is usually translucent, with no particles. It holds its shape nicely, yet it is soft enough to spread on toast.
JAM is made with crushed fruit and sugar. It is thicker than jelly, yet should be spreadable.
PRESERVES are made with whole fruit or chunks of fruit and are suspended in jelly.  They are great over cream cheese or ice cream, but should also be great on toast.  Or you can eat them right out of the jar, if you so desire!  
CONSERVES are made with dried fruit, sugar, and nuts.  They are typically very thick and can sometimes be made with spices or liquor.  They are great served with a meat and cheese tray, but are wonderful with a bagel and cream cheese.

FRUIT HONEYS are made with fruit juice and honey or sugar.  They can also be made with a fruit puree.  They are thick and very sticky, but can be spread like a true honey.
CHUTNEY is typically made with a combination of fruit and/or veggies, vinegar, spices, sugar and is usually used as a condiment.  However, some chutneys are sweet and are amazing over goat cheese or baked in a brie cheese. Chutney is usually thick and chunky.
FRUIT CURDS are made with fruit juice, eggs, and butter.  Curds are typically thick and creamy and very rich.  Very spreadable and smooth.
MARMALADE is jelly that is made with fruit rind and is typically made with citrus fruits.
FRUIT BUTTERS are made with pureed fruit and sugar, and can sometimes be made with spices.  The fruit is usually cooked down until it is soft and then it is pureed until it is smooth.  It is typically very thick, but spreadable.

So there you have it.  Your quest for the ideal fruity spread is over and the mystery is solved. Now go and use what you have learned. Make some great food!!

Thank you Christy for this great information!!!  Visit her website to find out more -  Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen

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