Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vlogging Tips!

We were talking with some of our other maker friends about YouTube and making videos and that has led me to write about how to make your first video for you tube. The best part of YouTube is that anyone can be on it! You don't need to have a fancy camera or a small crew to make a video, you can make one with just your smart phone!

The tools you need are simple,
  • something to record video with, a smart phone, or any kind of digital camera will work best. but keep the video quality at the best you can do. 
  • a tripod of some sort, the video should be as still a possible and a tripod keeps the camera stable and frees up your hands to film and make at the same time. 
  • a script to follow - while this might not seem like a tool, it is! Having even a basic outline will save you time filming and editing. 
  • a video editing app or software (don't worry there are lots of free apps!)
  • whatever tools and supplies you will need for the subject of your video
Extra tools that you might want but don't need
  • an extra light source
  • a microphone - this can be a simple as the microphone on your headphones, just make sure to keep it close to your body and that it isn't getting muffled 
  • a sheet to act as a backdrop 
First thing you should do is write up your script outline and plan out what your video will entail. 
This could be you demonstrating the things you make, or even a vlog style video where you talk about what you make, how you make them, or other topics related to what you make. 

Next set up where you are going to film. This should be in a place with the best lighting; usually near a window with natural light coming in. This light should not be to bright, diffused light is the best. if you don't have access to a good amount of window light, Christmas lights or string lights are good to use to add some extra light in. You want to have a set up similar to the one below to avoid any harsh shadows, but there is no need to go out and buy studio lights-  just play around with lamps, or lights of any kind. And don't forgot that a window acts as a light so you might only need a window and a lamp. 

Next, dress your set. This makes sure the focus is on you and the subject for the video rather than on what is in the background. If you need inspiration just go on YouTube and look at what others are doing, or make your own.  Just remember that the background should be clean and organized. 

Next give the shots you want to use a trial run and feel free to practice enough to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Some shots to start out with are a torso and up shot for introducing your video and yourself. Then, an over the shoulder shot  to show what you are doing, If there are any small details, feel free to get a close up. 

Some helpful tips to make your video the best it can be. 
  • Talk slowly and clearly
  • Breathe! Don't forgot to take a pause before and after starting a sentence, it will help with editing later
  • Watch those filler words (our favorite here at X37 is so...)
  • Repeat a line as many times as you need, you can always cut out the bad takes later
  • As well as talking slow, make your movements slower than what feels natural, give the viewer time to watch what you are doing
  • Go ahead and make those mistakes, they will teach you so much more than the parts that are ok. This is your first video just have fun!
  • Crank up that personality! It's going to feel weird talking to just a camera and that tends to make people talk softer. 
  • Don't forgot to start the video with an introduction and end with a sign off. Let people know where to follow you on social media and where they can buy your products
Next you will be editing the video you filmed. You can find a bunch of different editing software online some of it for free or there a lot of apps to edit with.  Click the image for a link to some of the most used ones. Feel free to try a few out and see what feels right. 

Keep your transitions simple, no need to fancy fades or sin in or outs, a simple jump cut (when you quickly cut from one clip to the next with out a transition) will work fine. If you have never edited video before, give yourself time to learn and make mistakes. The one thing you want to keep in mind is that the audio is very important, if the sound is off or muffled the video will be hard to watch. 

Even if you don't plan to have a weekly video channel this is something that can be used to promote your work! More and more platforms are adding video to their sites

If you need help or advice, then stop on by X37 Adventures on any social media, and we will be happy to help. also go check out the handmade in KC Facebook and website for more awesome makers to learn from. 

happy vlogging 
The X37 A-Team

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