Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Simple Wild Corsages and Boutonnieres

Thank you Tania of Ivory Isis for this beautiful tutorial!
Items Needed:
Spray Adhesive (Loctite, etc.)
E-6000 or Hot Glue
Spray Sealant (Mod Podge, etc.)
Wheat, Lavender, Ferns, or other wild found dried plants
Corsage Pins (Pearl tipped look really nice!)
This idea for this corsage is a rustic look with wild found or foraged items.
You could use any herbs or garden plants that you prefer, but I used wheat, lavender, and some ferns in my pieces.
I first rolled out my burlap piece and assembled all of my wheat pieces, lavender, and fern pieces and then rolled them up in the burlap.
I made sure this was the arrangement I wanted after several tries, and sealed the burlap with the hot glue.  This was actually the hard part, as I had to find a nice arrangement that I wanted!
For the next step, I went outside and made sure I had good ventilation.  I waited to make sure the hot glue had a good seal, and then sprayed the plant pieces with spray adhesive.  The reason for this is because wheat tends to lose pieces, as well as ferns, and lavender is also very brittle when dried.
After about five minutes, I then used a sealant to make sure I wouldn’t lose more pieces!  You could leave this step out if you are using these right away, but this allows you to keep your pieces well into the future.  

The result is some really nice looking corsages and boutonnieres that did not cost much!
Secure them with the pearl tipped pins to lapels or dresses, and go out in style.

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