Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lucky Green!

Hello! Is it spring like weather where you are? Here in KC, the weather has been crazy. Cold to hot and back again, but we are ready to celebrate some "Spring" holidays. With Valentine's Day over, we look forward to St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Personally, I (Kelly of Kiser Krafts Handmade) love the "Green" of St. Patrick's day. We makers of Handmade in KC have created so many wonderful "Green" products. And here are a few of my top favorites.

Handmade In Kc group Lucky Green Products #HandmadeinKc

We have a few NEW members within the Handmade In Kc Makers and I am happy to share a few of them with you. First, I would like to introduce Crochet City KC. They create the most adorable crochet amigurumi plushies. I personally love how cute this Four Leaf Clover is.

I love how "green" it is as well as it's cheerful personality. Second, I would like to introduce Strawberry Auburn. This sweet lady sews wonderful memory items. I love how she creates beautiful quilts from bridesmaid dresses. This little quilt from the beautiful "green" dress just makes my heart cheer.

Square Bridemaid Quilt by Strawberry Auburn

I love how she pair the sweet animal print with that beautiful "green". Third, I would like to introduce Green Utopia KC. This sweet lady creates unique and upcycled creations. Her creations are "green" for the environment. Her latest creation are these colorful Recycled Lego Crayon Set.

Recycled Lego Crayon Set by Green Utopia KC

Are they not so "green"ly colorful!?! Fourth, we will share a few of our amazing makers that have been with us for a bit. Remnants By RJ creates the most "green" upcycled robots! Each one has personality. Her newest creation Tater the Triceratops inspires the imagination of the dinosausar of the time past. He is created with such care and love, he would add to any home.

Tater the Triceratops by Remnants by RJ

That robot is "green" dino-tast-ic! Finally, we are happy to share FabTabulous. She creates amazing jewelry from so many wonderful things. And pop tabs are a top favorite! Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and recycled materials. FabTabulous is just "green" in nature.

Soda Tab Necklace by TabFabulous

Thit beautiful Soda Tab Necklace has a sweet pink and "green" bead detail making it a wonderful addition to any outfit. With any of the wonderful creations above, you will have no fear of recieving pinches this St. Patrick's Day.

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