Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Battle of the Brands 2017

March Madness is all about the Cinderella story, the David vs. Goliath epic showdown. Well, so is Kansas City’s Battle of the Brands if you ask me. 

At Handmade in Kansas City, we are often one-person, jack-of-all-trades businesses, filling the roles of creative genius, secretary, and accountant all at once. We work our hardest to create handmade products, amidst a sea of bigger, wealthier companies; but we do it because we believe handmade is worth it.

Right now, a few of our little enterprises—or Microenterprises, according to KCSourcelink—have begun the play-in round for Kansas City’s Battle of the Brands. If you look in the Microenterprise bracket, you will find three of our own: Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen, Remnants by RJ, and Unravelled LLC.

Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen is a culinary wonder. If they were adding to the list of Seven Wonders of the World, I’m pretty sure Christy’s Apple Pie Jam would top it. 
Her love for off-the-beaten path flavors results in delicious, unique blends in jams, jellies, and chutneys. So a vote for Aunt Christy’s is a vote for your tastebuds.

Remnants by RJ is a self-proclaimed “Rescuer of Robots.” Together with her robot counterpart Norman, she rescues cast-off items and gives them new life as whimsical robot characters. Each robot is made from vintage and recycled materials and even comes with their own personal story. Just be careful, imagination can be contagious.

Unravelled LLC is a creative force, unbound by convention. Larissa is the miraculous master of innovation whether it be in fiber art, painting, or jewelry. She strives to use natural materials and dyes in her vibrant creations. The result? Pure beauty.

So if you have a soft spot for food, recycled art, or beauty, would you mind lending your support to our talented makers? Go to to vote for Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen, Remnants by RJ, and Unravelled LLC. You’ll find them in the Microenterprise Category. You can vote once per round from each IP address thru Thursday, February 23.

I think it’s time for a good underdog story, don’t you?  


thanks to Rebecca of Remnants of RJ for writing this post.

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