Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LOVE is in the air!

Christmas has passed and just when we get to come up from air after all the hard-work of selecting gifts for family and friends...we walk into a store and you soon realize it is time to start thinking about Valentine's Day! Whether it is picking something special or just a small token to let someone know they are special, a handmade gift is always a great option. 

Special Meaning Gifts
Many houses are full of t-shirts that take up space in our closest and dressers. Some we collect overtime and we put into a box to donate to charity or it ends up as a rag. There are the other t-shirts that have a special place in our hearts, connected to a memory in our past. Grab that t-shirt and contact Strawberry Auburn! She can turn it into a gifts that are both special and functional. Do you have a large number of t-shirts? How about a quilt?

Tshirt Memory Pillows

Tshirt Quilts

Gifts for Pampering 
Another way to show your affection is to pamper your favorite person (or give them gifts where they can pamper themselves)! Check out Seasons of Love for ideas on relaxing in a hot bath or treating yourself! So many wonderful scrubs, scents, bombs, and essential oils to choose from. Why not get one for someone special and one for yourself?

Men's Hand Scrub 

Lavender Shower Steamer 

A Little Something
Sometimes the smallest packages contain the best gifts. A small reminder for a bad day or an inspiration for a goal that we are pursuing. Studio 31 can help you find a a special stone presented in a a one of a kind setting. Find one that speaks to you!


Still not sure? Check out other Handmade In Kansas City shops to find the perfect gift. All that really matters is that it comes from the heart!

Thank you Kjrsten for this weeks post.  Be sure to check our her page, Demeter's Charisma!

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