Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quick Ways to Improve Your Photos

Here is another installment of Melanie from Violet's Buds series on Photography!

Use these tips to easily make improvements to your product photography!

Turn off your flash!
This is one of the biggest mistakes in product photography. The camera-mounted flash will make your product look washed-out and contrasty.
flash vs natural light

Use natural light + a reflector
Natural light is the best way to take excellent product photos. Make the most of the natural light by usingreflectors, or making your own light box.
Light box with natural light
Clean your space
Nothing detracts from your product faster than clutter in the photo. Before taking pictures, clean your space-- move that can of soda, stray sock, or push the dog out of the way. You may not notice at first, but fans will be distracted by random pieces of candy lurking on the side of your table.

Choose the right backdrop
Consider experimenting with different backgrounds until you find what flatters your product. Use only backgrounds that fit with your product's theme or your brand. Start with a plain background then, try different combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, including staged shots.

Watch placement & cropping
Read about the Rule of Thirds and Negative Space to make your photos more dynamic, and grab your customer's attention.

watch negative space and cropping

Practice, Practice, Practice!
The more you photograph and experiment with these tips, the better your photographs can become!

Thank you Melanie of Violet's Buds for this week's post!!

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