Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Magic at Handmade In Kc

 "AAAAAAaaaaa-BBrraaaa-CCAaaadabra!" one exclaims with a flick and a swish of a magic wand. And amazing, wonderful things happen!  
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Enter Gipson Wands, a place just like Ollivander's in the Harry Potter stories, where the "wand chooses the wizard" a wand will most certainly choose you. ☺ Each wand is hand crafted with wood locally sourced and with great care from the maker, Scott. He has a vision of each creation and each one beautiful. Scott also pulled together an magical Wizarding Clue. It is a family friendly game, with tons of creative art and handmade pieces.
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Wizarding clue is on my Christmas list as my house needs a touch of magic. 😉 Along with one Gipson Wands beautiful hand-crafted wand handled crochet hooks. ☺ I love how light they are to crochet with and easy to hold. My favorite is the black walnut ones. The wood is so beautiful and the hooks are strong.  
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So pretty! ☺ If you need a touch of magic in your home, head over to Gipson Wands. Scott has all the magic you need. ☺

Thank you Kelly from Kiser Krafts Handmade for this week's post!

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