Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn Inspiration

Labor Day has come and gone, and summer is slowing coming to an end. The weather is cool one day and hot the next, reminding us Fall is on the way.  That special time of year, with football and rubgy games, thoughts of bonfires and carving pumpkins and seasonal traditions like harvesting apples!  

Apple picking is a great way to spend a Fall afternoon, but even more fun can be using the apples to create tasty treats like applesauce, apple donuts, apple pie, or apple chutney.  If you are looking for a taste of fall without the work, one seasonal treat is Cranberry Apple Chutney from Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen!  Blended with sweet apples, tart cranberries and warm autumn spices, this delightful chutney will certainly create a party in your mouth.  This limited run product is available only October through January.

So you picked more apples than you can use?  If you aren't eating tasty apple treats, you can use the apples for fun and games!  Bobbing for apples is easy and fun, or you can try making dried shrunken apple heads in preparation for Halloween fun. Not sure how?  Here is a quick tutorial..

Supplies: Bowl, peeler, small carving knife, 
Ingredients: apples, whole cloves, a few grains of rice, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2 teaspoons salt 
Directions: Mix lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Peel a apple and coat with mixture to prevent browning. Carve out eye sockets, a nose, mouth and ears in the apple. You can use whole cloves for eyes and raw rice grains for teeth or come up with your own accessories (like cotton for hair, black hats, or glasses.) Let apples dry on a wire rack in a warm place for at least two weeks or help speed up the process by setting in an oven on the lowest temperature for a few hours (but the process will still take several days).

If you get done creating your shrunken heads in and your mind starts drifting to some of the other fall favorites that you can only find this time of year, like Candy Corn! You may not like to eat candy corn, but if you have a little girl, you can help her celebrate Fall with a candy corn inspired outfit from Handmade By Lolo Z.

What inspires you when weather starts too cool and thoughts of fall approach? Crafts, snacks, treats, or accessories?  

Thank you Kjrsten from Demeter's Charisma for writing this week's post!

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