Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summertime Memories

Summertime brings holidays, lazy days, and many times crazy days. It is a time for making memories or trying to slow down the clock in order to enjoy life and the little things we sometimes overlook.

When I think of summer it brings me back to my childhood with lighting bugs, tag with the neighborhood kids, and the sounds of crickets as the streetlight start to turn on, signaling it was time to do inside.

Handmade in KC artists can help provide pieces of memories for the next generations childhood!

I remember making toys out of some of the simplest things laying around the house, whether it be a shoe box that we turned into a bed for our barbie doll or scrapes of wood for furniture. Simple things help your imagination soar. I love these wooden toys made Creations by M and J . They take me back to a time where toys were the starting point to a story (and the story had not been created yet but a movie or film.)

When you are creating your stories, you always need a central character (or two) in order to help bring the story alive. I remember the blue whale I had as a child that would go on adventures with me. The Little Wing can help you provide that special friend who is a key player in a child's adventures for years to come!

As we know, the start of any story comes from a simple inspiration or idea. It could be a song that we make up about bugs or fairies. The idea could come from a dream we had about traveling to distance places (like grandma's house) or a dream where the grass is made of cotton candy and the flowers are made of chocolate. A simple picture can inspire a child to dream and create an adventure that lasts a lifetime through memories. Violet's Buds can help inspire the adventure though images of travel or play!


What memories do you have from days of summer, long since past? Is it having a tea party with your blue whale and little sister? Building kingdoms out of scrapes of wood and conquering the world? What memories will the next generation come up with and what will inspire their imaginations?

Thank you Kjrsten from Demeter's Charisma writing this week's post!

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