Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fun in the Sun

It’s finally acting like its summer out, so I thought I would showcase a few useful and clever items from Handmade in Kansas City members that may be great for outdoors treks, picnics, and just in general, fun in the sun!

This cute and useful Reversible Teal Songbird Tote by Ni-Chern Designs would be perfect for an outdoor gathering or just on-the-go around town!  14” tall, 9” wide and 3” deep, it’ll fit all of your items!  Click here to find it on Ni-Chern's website.    Get it before it’s gone!

Now, if you’re out in the sun too much (I have a sunburn on just one shoulder, for example!) no matter if you try to protect yourself out there or not, you may find yourself needing some of Seasons of Love Gifts Lip Balm!  This is an all natural lip balm that has coco butter and sunflower oil as a base, so it’ll work for even those with sensitive skin.
Snag it here on the Seasons of Love Gifts Etsy Shop.

This adorable clutch made out of raccoon fabric by Creations by M and J is just splendid for keeping your items actually on you while you’re running around!  With a woodland creature theme, it’s perfect for summer fun!  It’s available in several different fabrics as well.  Find it here on their website.

If you’re planning a picnic, you need something that says “yum” when you’re there, of course, and Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen has some fantastic jellies and jams in pint size containers, suitable for easy travel!  Check out her items at on her website.  

Of course, you’ll also want to look good, so take a peek at Handmade by Lolo Z’s cute and comfy tank dress!  She has clothing for ladies and the kids too!  You can get a dress just like this or one like it by visiting her Etsy shop.  

While you’re out there you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated with plenty of water, carry sunscreen with you (I keep a bottle in my car, since I constantly forget that I’ll need it, and one at home as well) and wear a light hat.  If you do get sunburn, Aloe Vera is your new best friend!  Have fun and enjoy all this nice weather while it lasts! 

A big thanks to Tania from Ivory Isis for blogging for us this week!

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