Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where can I buy your amazing products???

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you already know this is an amazingly talented group of makers. What you may not realize is that there are a variety of ways that you can support us in our efforts!
Buying our products is the most obvious – and we make it easy!  All group members have online shops through Storenvy, Etsy or have made their own websites.  Links to each shop can be found on the members directory page.  The page is organized by category, so you can click to see an overview of our group and the diverse products we create.  Browse our shops - you never know what goodies you are going to find.
Fairs and events provide another way to show your support for Handmade in KC.  We keep a list of where you can find us on our events page or you can check out Larissa's post from last week about the different summer events in KC.  You can meet makers face to face, learn about the story behind the products and if you are lucky, even get to try out the merchandise....Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen offers samples of her fantastic jellies and jams at her booths! 

Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen
Creations by M and J

You can also find some of the Handmade in KC members in local stores!
Ni-Chern Designs - Made (Lawrence, ks)
Ivory Isis - Monkey Wrench Clothing (KCMO), Luna Coffeehouse (NKC)
Handmade by Lolo Z  -The Pink Daisy (West Bottoms), Mae’s Finders Keepers (Bedford, IA)
Hang-Ups - Nelson-Atkins Museum Gift Shop,  Parkville Artisans Studio (Parkville, MO), Kansas City Symphony Alliance Pop-Up Shop at Kauffman Performing Arts Center
Seasons of Love Gifts  - Pearl Girl Boutique (Olathe), Southern Bliss Homegrown Creations (Ottawa)

Little Wing  - Hand + Land (Leawood)

Even if you don't want to make a purchase, you can still help out!  The easiest way to help each and every member of Handmade in KC is to help us spread the word!  You can tell your friends, family, and even strangers about the wonderful things you have seen online and in person.  Sharing our blog posts and following not only the group on social media, but the individual members as well  (remember that link up above to the members page??  You will also find buttons for all of our social media!)  Sharing, liking and commenting gets more eyeballs on our products – plus it build our maker-self-esteem! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Upcoming Festivals to Support all that is Local and Awesome in KC

    Welcome to June! Can anyone believe the year is half over?? I know I can't. If you're looking for a way to get into the summer swing of things and spend some time outside relaxing while still supporting your local artisans, I have just the thing for you!
Here are three festivals where you can find some great Handmade In KC items and support local artists while having fun!
SoJo Summerfest--June 18th and 19th:  Drop in and say hi to our very own Hangups in KC at this year's SoJo Summerfest festival, formerly known as Jazz in the Woods! With a great variety of local music and makers, wrapped up in a great cause supporting four local children's charities, this is an event not to miss!
   Wonder Leather Cuff Bracelet"Live Love Read" Necklace

Volkerfest--June 25th:  This is a new festival to town and is in it's 2nd year. One of our members, Unravelled, is going to be there as is one of her other collaborative groups The Classy Collective. It's a great time, nestled in a great corner of the city and is one not to be missed!
Original Art Print, Abstract Fine Art,  "Integration" Archival Quality Mid Gloss Paper  Glass and Chinese Crystal Double Strand Bracelet  Turquoise and Moonstone Earrings

maker faire
Maker Faire--June 25th and 26th  I know, it's the same weekend as Volkerfest but, in a perfect world, you can go check out Volkerfest on the 25th and then pop over and see another one of our members on the 26th. Both are great options for families and are quite diverse in their nature. Maker Faire has lots of great artists, experiments and interactive activities. Go check out member Creations by M and J at Maker Faire this year and let us know what you think!

Local artists and makers love summer because it's a chance to get all of the work we've been making and thinking about over the winter out of our studios and into the public spotlight. Please consider spending your weekends visiting our booths, coming to our shows and talking to us about our work--it means a lot to us to be able to share our work with the public! A well known arts coach, Alyson Stanfield, talks about the process of making not being complete until the work has been shared and viewed by an audience.

We look forward to sharing our creations with you! Happy summer!

Thank you Larissa from Unravelled for putting together this post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi! This year Father's Day lands on Sunday, June 19th and Handmade In Kansas City group has some amazing and inventive gifts just for Dad!
HMIKCFathersdaygiftguide via

There are so many wonderful shops that have great gifts for the important Dads in your life. Here are just a few of our personal favorites.  Hang Ups in KC has amazing cuff links just like a pair that has been worn to the Grammy's!  They are stylish and famous!
160131-BOA (563x440)-228x228

Creations by M & J has the perfect Sunday Football Microwave bags! No more burnt fingers when pulling the cheese dip out of the microwave! They created several with different fabric. This football is at the top of our 'score board'!

Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen creates the most delicious jams and jellies! Any of her flavors would be a perfect snack topper for Dad's everywhere!

FabTabulous creates many wonderful one of a kind, upcycled creations. This Corona Key chain is perfect for Dad's keys! He will not lose his keys with this stylish eco-friendly key ring.

Seasons of Love Gifts has the perfect item to help Dad sit back, soak, and relax: Bath Salts. This soak is perfect for helping sore and tired muscles. What Dad doesn't need a touch of that kind of relaxation?

Ni-Chern Designs has many awesome creations that would be a great gift for Dad! Our favorite is this great Baseball Dog Collar! Sure to be a 'home run' with Dad!

Remnants by RJ has this EPIC one of a kind upcycled Steampunk Aircraft Nightlight that would look amazing in Dad's den or on his desk!


Handmade by Lolo Z has well made Cross Fit Wrist Wraps for the healthy conscience Dad. These are perfect for the everyday workout!


There you have it. There are many other shops within Handmade In Kansas City group that have gifts for the special Dad in your life. Take some time browse the other shops. You never know what perfect gift waits within the virtual walls.  From all of us at Handmade in Kansas City - Happy Father's Day.

Thank you to Kelly from Kiser Krafts for putting together this post.Save

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fun in the Sun

It’s finally acting like its summer out, so I thought I would showcase a few useful and clever items from Handmade in Kansas City members that may be great for outdoors treks, picnics, and just in general, fun in the sun!

This cute and useful Reversible Teal Songbird Tote by Ni-Chern Designs would be perfect for an outdoor gathering or just on-the-go around town!  14” tall, 9” wide and 3” deep, it’ll fit all of your items!  Click here to find it on Ni-Chern's website.    Get it before it’s gone!

Now, if you’re out in the sun too much (I have a sunburn on just one shoulder, for example!) no matter if you try to protect yourself out there or not, you may find yourself needing some of Seasons of Love Gifts Lip Balm!  This is an all natural lip balm that has coco butter and sunflower oil as a base, so it’ll work for even those with sensitive skin.
Snag it here on the Seasons of Love Gifts Etsy Shop.

This adorable clutch made out of raccoon fabric by Creations by M and J is just splendid for keeping your items actually on you while you’re running around!  With a woodland creature theme, it’s perfect for summer fun!  It’s available in several different fabrics as well.  Find it here on their website.

If you’re planning a picnic, you need something that says “yum” when you’re there, of course, and Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen has some fantastic jellies and jams in pint size containers, suitable for easy travel!  Check out her items at on her website.  

Of course, you’ll also want to look good, so take a peek at Handmade by Lolo Z’s cute and comfy tank dress!  She has clothing for ladies and the kids too!  You can get a dress just like this or one like it by visiting her Etsy shop.  

While you’re out there you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated with plenty of water, carry sunscreen with you (I keep a bottle in my car, since I constantly forget that I’ll need it, and one at home as well) and wear a light hat.  If you do get sunburn, Aloe Vera is your new best friend!  Have fun and enjoy all this nice weather while it lasts! 

A big thanks to Tania from Ivory Isis for blogging for us this week!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DIY Party Favor Bags

Thanks to Melanie, creator at Violet's Buds, we have a fun summer DIY for you that is made from craft room extras.  You could even make extra of these favor bags so you are ready for your next party.  Enjoy!

Recently I offered to make the bags for an upcoming program. I have piles of 12x12 scrapbook paper that has set unused for longer than I would like to admit. I thought this project would be a perfect way to destash my scrapbook paper, and help out a friend! The bags can easily be made in any size, and for any occasion. 

For this project, you will need:
12x12 scrapbook paper
sewing machine
pinking shears (optional)
school glue 

The bags I made were 6x9 to allow all of the swag to fit. These directions are for that size, but can be easily changed. I started with a 12x12 sheet of paper, and cut off 3" from one side. This left me with a 12x9 rectangle, plus a 3x12 strip. Set the strips of paper off to the side, you can use them later!

Next take the 12x9 rectangle and fold it in half. Now you have a 6x9 rectangle to form the bag. Starting on the upper right side of the bag, I sewed a zig-zag stitch down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side. I back-stitched at the start & end to help keep the thread from coming out.

When I finished sewing the bags, I took some school glue and put a dot on the start and end of the thread. Once the glue was dried, I clipped the excess thread.

Finally, I took a pair of pinking shears and cut the top edge of the bag to give it the cute edge. Now its time to fill the favor bags! 

In an effort not to waste the 3" scrap pieces, I sewed them together to make more bags! Below is a bag I made by sewing two 3" strips together, and another bag with three 3" strips. Fold those in half and you can stitch them together just like the bags above. I like the way the bags made from strips look with the different patterns.