Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Robin, sister of the wonderfully creative Handmade in KC member, Sara, from Gypsy Soup.  Robin is bravely battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  We wanted to help so as a group we decided to have an auction to raise money to help pay for Robin's medical and living expenses.  We launched the auction 3 weeks ago and put it out on social media. The response was overwhelming, heartwarming and spirit lifting.   With your help we raised a grand total of $1,326.94 for Robin.

Donations came in many forms; bids on auction items, an outrageous bidding war and cash donations.

Every member of Handmade in Kansas City participated in this auction whether it was by donating an item handmade by them, bidding on an item or spreading the word repeatedly far and wide.

The following is the story of the bidding war, posted on Facebook by the artist who made the necklace; Cindy from FabTabulous:

I'd like to share an inspiring story about a handmade cross necklace, an online auction, a woman battling pancreatic cancer, and a group of Handmade in Kansas City makers who came together to raise some money. The part that was so special to me was when two high school friends decided to bid on the necklace that I had made and donated to the auction. Todd and Kevin bid against each other until that simple cross necklace made from reused guitar strings was up to $800! You read that correctly...EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS! Kevin's cousins, Rob and Chris, also joined in the fun and added to the cause. Folks, this is what it looks like to show love to an absolute stranger. Pictured below is the $800 necklace!

Handmade in KC would also like to send a special thanks out to Sandi and Greg Clootz from Eden Alley Vegetaria.  When they heard about the auction they reached out to us and made a generous financial donation.  If you haven't visited Eden Alley yet put it on your list.  It is an award winning vegetarian restaurant located on the lower level of the Unity Temple on the Plaza. Along with big hearts, they also have a beautiful garden patio.

To sum it all up - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  The proceeds from this auction will make a difference to Robin.

This blog post was written by Carolyn Adams from Hang Ups in KC on behalf of all Handmade in KC members.

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