Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Birthday Wishlist from the A-mazing Handmade In KC Group

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am Kelly, of Kiser Krafts Handmade, and am a guest blogger for the first week of the month of May on the Handmade In Kc group blog! ☺ I am so honored because...*lean in close* Come on. Yeah, little closer...there! Ready?? It is my birthday May 3rd! And while my shop is celebrating with a huge sale and a giveaway (click HERE to enter as all are welcome), I am here to tell YOU my gift wishlist from my favorite (okay, honesty here - all of them are my favorites but I don't want to be greedy on my birthday wishlist - if ya'know what I meanšŸ˜‰. So, here are my top 8 out of my list of 20. šŸ˜ I made this cute little collage for easy Pin-ablity. Feel free to Pin It!☺ birthdaywishlist by @KKHandmade for @HandmadeInKC blog ( above only represents 7 of the EPIC handmade small businesses that are part of this amazing Handmade In Kc group but as I said above...if I did my whole would be pages long. ☺ Let's first start with the beautiful bracelet at the top of the image and work down. ☺ I love each item equally.

  GUITAR STRING BRACELET - by FabTabulous on Etsy FabTabulous creates from up-cycled materials and this bracelet is made of an old guitar string. šŸ˜ I love the beautiful twists and turns to create an infinity type design. It is so pretty and well made.

If you only need to know one thing about me,šŸ˜ I love - LOVE - coffee. ☺ I could not have a birthday wish list without these adorable Coffee designed Cookies by Pippa's Parchment. Don't they look delicious!?! Yum!

As like above, I just love coffee. And who would not want to pamper herself with a Handmade Coffee Scrub?!?! Gah! I love all the amazing things Seasons of Love Gifts makes!! šŸ˜ Her bath bombs are so relaxing. And I bet this scrub smells divine and feels amazing! This is on more than just my birthday list, but my everyday wishlist. ☺

I am a Northerner, who transfer down to Kansas City when I married my husband. And he introduced me to my NEW most favorite team - the Royals. I am so in LOVE with these Royal Game Day team dresses Handmade by LoloZ . They look so comfy for the spring and summer! Each dress is unique and yet, still has the love of our local baseball team. My heart šŸ’™ truly beat for the Blue. šŸ˜‰

I was not a huge robot fan until I met Remnants by R & J. They create the most unique up-cycled robot creations! And they just added this adorable Robot doodle Pouch! šŸ˜ It is so cute and I can see so many things (crochet hooks šŸ˜‰ ) I can store in it! Make sure to visit this shop to see all the A-mazing, creative, hand-created robots. You will want them all.☺

Another thing about me is I have sewn since I was 4. My Mom taught me young and I enjoy it so much. I sew each creation at Kiser Krafts Handmade. And this adorable handmade 'Sew Cool' hoop art by Violet's Buds is A-mazing! It would add so much to my crafting spot. I would love to see it hanging up on my wall encouraging my next sewing project. Violet's Buds has more than this darling hoop...she creates gorgeous hair flowers. I love them and wear each one that I already own.šŸ˜‰ Anything in her shop is on my Birthday list. šŸ˜

Finally, I just recently got my ears pierced and I am drooling over this pair from Nuggets of Goodness. She has in her shop so many wonderful hand-crafted jewelry pieces. But I fell in love šŸ˜ with the delicateness of this pair of Gold Filled Violet Lover Knot earrings. šŸ˜

Thank you so much for letting me share my Birthday Wishlist from Handmade In Kc group with you! ☺
Your Crafty Handmade In KC Friend,
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