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Meet the Maker - Linn from Seasons of Love Gifts

One of the best parts of buying local handmade products is getting to know the person behind the company!  Let’s learn a little about Linn Gabrielli, her company -  Seasons of Love Gifts, and a mission to share natural bath and body products with some love and encouragement.

All natural sugar scrubs were one of the first products.

Seasons of Love Gifts offers premium handcrafted luxury bath and body products, specializing in making handcrafted bath bombs, sugar scrub, bath soaks, bath teas, body butter, and other delightful bath items without the use of harmful chemicals.  All sugar scrubs, bath soaks, lip balms, and body butters are 100% all natural and made with mostly organic ingredients. All scents are created with the use of high quality essential oils providing many therapeutic benefits.

Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Bath Tea

Linn came to the Kansas City area initially when looking at all the schools that had an undergraduate program in art therapy and then started eliminating the cities ultimately the size and location of kc were the deciding  factors.  She has stayed because KC is a great city, she  loves raising her kids here, plus the added bonus of being close to her sister.

Being an artist from the start, selling her work was natural.  She started by first selling her photography and paintings, but actually having her own business was still a little scary – until some sugar scrub requests from friends and a lot of encouragement from her husband motivated her to set up her first etsy shop!  She put up photographs, handmade coasters, scarves, sugar scrubs and bath soaks, and a few other unrelated items. 

After a while, Linn realized her passion really fell in creating bath and body products that were all natural and free of chemicals found in store bought products.  Since both she and her daughter struggle with sensitive skin issues, Linn knew that there was a really need for body products that didn’t irritate and dry.  She closed up the first shop and spent months researching and testing.  After six months, lots of prayers and tears, she launched Seasons of Love gifts. 

With Seasons of Love Gifts, the name is as meaningful as the product.  Knowing that everyone goes through various seasons of life and that sometimes a gift or a kind word can be what keeps us going, Linn wanted her company name to reflect love, encouragement, and to remind her customers that they are beautiful just the way they are.  The theme of gifts of love and encouragement is continued with the presentation and packaging of her products as well.

Bath bombs look like frosted cupcakes!

Linn keeps things current by looking in stores, online, in nature, and more to come up with different scent combinations that can be created from essential oils, as well as how to make a product and keep it as natural as possible - not as common as one might think in the beauty industry.  She spends a lot of time making and testing new ideas, but only the ones that are perfect make it to sale. 

Inspiration comes from her passion to have healthy skin without chemicals.  She says, “I don't like cleaning, eating, or using other products that are full of potentially harmful chemicals so in a desire to keep with that, I am inspired to make new items.” Helping her customers find relief from itching and discomfort is an inspiration as well.
Holiday themed bath bombs make great gifts

Like almost all of the makers in this group, Linn has a strong personal support team. “My motivation comes from God and my husband. They work well together! When I feel like giving up or I get frustrated that a formula didn't turn out the way it was supposed to or I start to question what I am doing I feel both remind me and encourage me to keep going.” 

Linn joined Handmade in Kansas City after chatting with another member during a slow moment at a vendor fair.  The idea of being a part of a group that supported each other’s KC based handmade businesses with advice, emotional support and general comradery seemed like a great opportunity  to contribute in a positive way as well as to getting to know more local handmade artists.

Seasons of Love Vanilla Body Balm was featured in the January Her Shave box.

What does the future hold for Seasons of Love Gifts?  The newest product in the works is a shower steamer for those that love the concept of a bath bomb, but don't have time for a bath or just don't enjoy them.  She also is working on making some baby shower favors and bridal shower favors that are fun and unique. In addition, Linn is hoping to increase the number of boutiques carrying her products and possibly having some items in a local salon or spa.  You can currently find her products at  Pearl Girl Boutique in OLATHE, and Southern Bliss Homegrown Creations in Ottawa. 

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Thank you to Laura from Handmade by Lolo Z for introducing Linn!

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