Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DIY Mini Journals

Happy New Year!  Here at Handmade in Kansas City we believe that our creative muscle grows the more we use it.  To strengthen our creative muscle we love to make stuff for our personal use. Kelly from Kiser Krafts has generously shared this DIY project that is fun for the whole family - the DIY Mini Journal! These quick, cute, little books are great for writing down creative ideas, drawing cute pictures, or even giving an one of a kind gift to a friend! ☺
Supplies Needed: 1 sheet of 12 x 12 Card-stock - any color (I chose Brown) 6 sheets of 12 x 12 coordinating Scrapbook paper (you could mix it up and not coordinate - free creativity - Make it Your Style ;) ) scissors ruler paper cutter (if you have one or prefer to use one) hot glue gun decorative tape, ribbons, or other fun flare And optional: sewing machine
First, you measure your card-stock and cut a rectangle 5in high by 7in long. Then you are going to cut out two strips 4 3/4 in high by 6 3/4 in long from each scrap book piece of paper. You should have 12 total to make you inside journal papers.
Now comes the folding of your pages. You are going to fold 6 papers with print outside and 6 with the print inside. Then you put the print inside into the print outside make individual books. If you have a bone folder you can crisp up your fold edges with it. You should end up with 6 individual 'books'.
Then you stack them up, even them up and head to your sewing machine, if you wish. I chose to sew my 'books' together with my sewing machine. I hand turned my wheel and did one stitch at a time, slowly, and used a brand new sharp machine sewing needle. It took a touch of time and patience. But I liked the sturdiness of the sewn binding. You can also hand sew the books together with a book binding needle and embroidery thread, if so chose. And if you choose not to sew your "books" together, the next step will finish your journal for you. 😊
Now you need to warm up your hot glue gun. And put a bead of hot glue along the inner edges of the 'book' pages and place the card-stock around the inner pages. Making your book.
Add your final touches to the front. My Mom always tells me, "The more layers you have, the better details you include makes your piece feel finished." So, I added a saying and a few layers of different scrapbook paper scraps. Then topped it off with a ribbon bow and animal sticker tape. I am pretty happy with how it came together! It can now hold ideas, lists, drawings, and it can be a gift for someone else! ☺

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