Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meet the Maker – Nuggets of Goodness, Carla Poirier

Get to know Carla – the creative mind behind Nuggets of Goodness, original handmade jewelry with a vintage vibe!

Carla Poirier found a love for sparkly adornments playing in her Grandma’s collection of 40s, 50s and 60s costume jewelry.  She started her own collection of vintage jewelry in high school, and began to make her own jewelry too, mostly funky stuff made of found objects and repurposed stuff from the hardware store.   She attended school to be a graphic designer, then later again to study art history. The enduring theme in her work was a passion for jewelry. 

A few years ago, overwhelmed with the amount of vintage jewelry in her collection that was sitting unused, she decided to tear it apart and made new pieces.  Of course, she started getting requests from family and friends, especially for special occasion and wedding pieces, and it grew from there.  Carla grew up watching her family run a metal finishing business, so the entrepreneurial spirit was just in her blood.  The first products were exclusively wedding jewelry, but it has since evolved over time, and now she has added fun accessories like hair pins, magnets and quirky wine charms, all using recycled vintage materials.  Her unique business name has special meaning, she said, “While dating, my husband and I shared the pet name Nugget. Once we married and had our daughter, we became Team Nugget, and they are my sweet Nuggets of Goodness. I thought the name would be fitting for my shop J” 

The creative process for Carla comes in waves…what she calls “binge making.”  She isn’t a planner and just goes wherever the day takes her. “I have all my beads organized by color and often that will get me going on a path, or maybe it will be certain textures or shapes that I'm thinking about. I have a little print drawer with lots of little cubbies, and I will usually fill that up with the supplies for several jewelry ideas, and then I set off to making everything. The brainstorming with the supplies is one of my favorite parts of the process. I'm usually listening to music and dancing around while I poke through the supply cabinets looking for just the right piece. Good stuff!”

As she looks to the future, Carla realizes the importance of accepting help.  “As a maker, I always try to do everything myself, but I've had to learn that you can't do it all! You just end up spreading yourself too thin, and lose focus.”   The original pieces she creates are still inspired by her grandma, but also her 9 year old daughter, a fearless fashionista who has an eye for quirky, amazing color choices.  

We have a lot of fun to look forward to from Nuggets of Goodness, “I've always made jewelry, and as long as I'm physically capable, probably always will. I don't think I could ever stop. Now that the price of metals is going down, I'm excited to start adding more sterling silver pieces into the collection, and am planning to add a line of gold-filled pieces, which I've not done in the past. I'm very excited about that: I haven't worked in precious metals in a couple of years, so feel like I'm going back to my roots. It's quite rejuvenating, creatively. I'm looking forward to more studio dance parties in the near future!

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Thank you to Laura from Handmade by LoloZ for helping us to learn more about Nuggets of Goodness.  

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