Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DIY: Thumbprint Snowman Ornament

Christmas is drawing near, and I've had a lot of fun doing holiday crafts with my daughter. Each year for Christmas we like to create ornaments to give as gifts to friends and family. In the past we've made button tree ornaments, salt dough handprint ornaments, and yarn ball snowmen. This year we made thumbprint snowman ornaments. Its a simple and fun process, great for any age!

You will need:
Plain ball ornaments (we used plastic ornaments with both shiny and matte finish)
white acrylic paint
black permanent marker
orange permanent marker or crayon
makeup sponge or paint brush (optional)
empty egg carton

To start, I dipped the makeup sponge in white paint and painted a layer on my daughter's thumb. (Dipping also works, but for her age the brush was simpler) It took a few times to figure out how much paint to use, and we practiced on a piece of scrap paper. Once we had the right amount I helped her put three stacked thumbprints on each ornament. We placed each ornament in a egg carton, paint side up to dry.

When the paint had full dried, which for us was 10-15 minutes, I helped her use a black permanent marker to add eyes, mouth, arms, buttons and a hat to each snowman. I then went back with an orange permanent marker and added a carrot nose. You could also use a warm crayon to add the nose, which I tried and didn't have as much luck.

Finally, I added my daughter's name and the year to the back of each ornament. If you are concerned about sealing the ornament, you could coat it with mod podge or a spray sealant (even clear nail polish would work). I tied a ribbon loop to the top and they are ready to hang.

A big thank you to Melanie Gipson from Violet's Buds for sharing this fun activity with us!

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