Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What Handmade in Kansas City LOVES About Fall

When asked our members were happy to share their favorite things about Fall.  We'd love it if you would share what you love about Fall with us!

Nicole Wall  - Ni-Chern Designs: accessories for people and pets
“Taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and just spending time with them.

Melanie Gipson Violet’s Buds: handsewn flowers for hair accessories and hoop art
My favorite parts of fall are having the windows open during the day, baking with pumpkins and apples, and watching my daughter play in the leaves.”

Jennifer Goodman Schumaker - The Little Wing: one of a kind doll & animal friends, embroidery art
ALL THE PUMPKINY THINGS. Cozy sweaters, more baking, soups, trips to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, & watching leaves change.”

Carolyn Goodfellow-Adams – Hang Ups in KC: Jewelry from upcycled finds
“Pumpkin Pie! I love the coziness of the fall. Ooooh and apple cider from Trader Joe's.”

Jennifer ConnerCreations by M and J: sewing for children and babies
“Apple cider and cider donuts from Dunn's cider mill. Then going to the pumpkin patch.”

Rebecca Jackson  - Remnants by RJ: Recycled Robots and Steampunk Jewelry/Art
“I love the orange leaves. I stalk certain areas that have those orange-y trees.”

Amy Beth – By Wicked Red: Beaded Jewelry, Upcycled paper beads
“I love the weather. I have the be’st tree in my front yard the has the best fall leaves. Thanksgiving ...everything about it from family to shopping to, of course, the food.

Sara Hunsaker – Gyspy Soup: UPcycled wearables (wrist cuffs)/carryables (pouches/aunt fannys)
“Layery goodness, extra long hugs, cool stocking caps and fall festivals!!!”

Cindy Livingston Jurries – Fabtabulous: Upcycled jewelry made from guitar strings, soda tabs, bullets, etc.
“The things I look forward to each autumn are cozy sweaters and boots, making homemade soup, and the smell of fall-ish candles! I also love simmering my own concoction of spices and fruit on the stove to infuse the house with the scent of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, oranges and apples... or anything else I think of to throw into the pot.”

Shelly Lawless-NguyenStik a Pin in it : Sewing Accessories, embroidery, felt
“EVERYTHING! Hahaha, I seriously adore this time of year. The weather, the fashion, the food (Louisburg Donuts, and Walts Pumpkin patch Pumkin sloppy joes) TV shows starting back up, settling into a routine after the more carefree days of summer, Halloween (fav holiday by far), pumpkin patch traditions with friends and family, the colors, the smells...okay I could go on forever! I just feel so energized this time of year! And Pumpkin or Caramel flavored everything doesn't hurt!”

Carla Gilliland Poirier – Nuggets of Goodness: jewelry: recycled vintage; vintage handbags
“Crisp 40 degree mornings with clear blue skies, start of the new season of the Walking Dead, warm cozy hoodies, hot chocolate, trick or treating with my daughter, fall colors, flowerpots full of mums, Saturday night bonfires in the firepit, hiking in the woods, the smell of cinnamon and cloves mixed with clementine peels simmering on the stove...I love Fall!!!!!”

Christy Parker Bean – Aunt Christy’s Country Kitchen: Handcrafted jams and jellies
“I was born in October and I grew up, predominantly, on the east coast. I just remember the beginning of the fall semester and riding my bike to school with my new back to school clothes on a crisp autumn day and feeling like life was brand new. New school year, new adventures. I love the smell of autumn and the crisp autumn days that give relief to hot summer days. And the month of October. My birthday, my wedding anniversary, and Halloween, my second to favorite Holiday because I love dressing up and being someone/something else for a day. And football games, and marching band competitions. Walking around in a kilt and freezing my butt off at the night football games (our HS mascot was the highlander). So much for me to love about fall!”

Brie Holst – Life’s Gems: Dazzling designs for home and life
“I enjoy the cool crisp air when fall first begins. The change in wardrobe to warm sweaters and boots, cuddling on the couch under blankets, smelling chili and different soups cooking all day, and of course, planning my Halloween party!”

Laura Graybill – Handmade by Lolo Z:  Custom Clothing for the whole family

“My family has such great fall traditions!  First, the Harvest party where my parents create an afternoon of fall fun for all the kids; complete with hayride, corn maze, pumpkin picking, apple bobbing and of course a ton of food!  Then we have the neighborhood Pumpkin Party with the kids carving their jack-o-lanterns and a bonfire and delicious treats to finish off the evening (and hopefully a little Royals baseball as well!!).  Then Halloween night – trick or treating with the kids and enjoying warm drinks and driveway fire with the other parents”  

A big thank you to Laura from Handmade by Lolo Z for putting together this blog post!

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