Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feeling of Fall

What makes you think of fall? Is it the crack of the bat or the Friday night lights? Is the change in temperature and the turning of the leaves? Is it the anticipation of Halloween and pumpkin spice foods? The start of school always signals the end of summer and the beginning of the fall. Some try to hold on to the last rays of summer, others dive into embracing the sights and sounds of fall. Which side do you land on? If you’re not sure, let’s explore some inspirational ideas from our Handmade in KC members.

Sounds of Fall

Summer tends to be a time to get out and enjoy our environment. Yes, there are baseball games occurring, but the World Series is still a long way off. As fall creeps upon us, the thoughts of sitting under the lights and cheering on our favorite team becomes a reality, instead of just a fanciful wish. The makers with Handmade in KC help to inspire us and allow us the opportunity to support our favorite team, whether it be in the stands or as we are traveling to an away game!

Sporting KC Luggage tags – Ni-Chern Designs

K-State Coin Purse - The Little Wing KC

Kansas City Chiefs Game Day Dress - Handmade by Lolo Z

Colors of Fall

Are you someone who knows that sports events happen but you would rather spend the time hiking along a trail and taking in the beauty of nature? Are you excited that the weather is becoming cooler because the leaves will start to turn and you can’t wait to see how Mother Nature paints nature this fall? The Handmade in KC makers have you covered!

Falling Leaves flower collage hair clip - Violet’s Buds

Autumn Wallpaper Clean/ Dirty Dishwasher Sign - The Tulle Box

Orange Suede Fabric Bin - Life’s Gems


For many the excitement of fall also includes the anticipation of Halloween! The excitement of figuring out what costume they are going to wear and what accessories would be perfect with the costume. Figuring out what decorations would be perfect additions to their growing collection. Don’t worry, there is still time to figure it all out!

Handmade in KC makers can help inspire you!

Steampunk Creature  - Remnants by RJ

A big thank you to Kjrsten from Demeter's Charisma for creating this blog post.  

What is your favorite thing about fall? Hopefully you have found an inspiration!

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