Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Upcycled Card Gift Tag DIY

We all have a collection of greeting cards. Most of us gather a small group of them after an event such as a birthday, wedding, sickness, and of course, the holidays. Shortly after that event, the cards are typically tossed out. Some of us never throw any of them out and have an ever growing collection of cards. We all know how much those cards cost, a minimum of $1, typically more like $3-5!

Here I present you with an easy alternative to tossing those dollars away! Gather up those cards and create some gift tags! Gather up some materials and I will show you how I turned 13 cards into over 75 large and over a hundred (I’m not counting them!) small tags. Use them as gift tags, labels, even price tags! Follow the super easy steps below to upcycle and stretch your dollars!
greeting cards
large hole punches

I like to use a large tag shaped punch, and a medium sized circle punch, but you can be creative and use any size or shape you like. I recommend removing the cover from the base and using your punch upside down, so that you can more easily place your punch.

Use your larger punch first to strategically place words or pictures where you would like them. Pay attention to the wording on the inside of the card and the back of the card! You may have to use your scissors to cut into the card a bit to get the punch exactly where you want it. Then use the edge of pictures or the fading of colors to create an interesting tag. If you plan to use the tags for labeling or pricing purposes, there will be a ton of white space that is useful for a simple white tag.

 Take a look at this simple card, I used the wording and images to create 4 large and 2 small tags with words and colors. I continued to utilize the white space and created several blank tags.

Once all the cards have been punched, thread a coordinating thread or twine through the tag. (You can use a needle, or maybe use a small hole punch to create a hole to thread the twine through.)

Voila! You have a tag! Some tags will be appropriate to write on the backside, and some will be ok to write on the front. Also, if there is writing from the original card’s use, if it is not acceptable to leave it, use a drop of glue to the backside and double up two of the tags, back to back!
I hope you are able to find a use for all of those cards you have stashed, think about using holiday cards when you are buying your gift wrap this winter too!
While supplies last, I will be including a set of 6 of each of these tags in any purchases from my Life's Gems Storenvy site.

A big thanks to Handmade in Kansas City Member, Brie from Life's Gems, for this fun DIY!

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