Thursday, May 28, 2015

Handmade in KC inspired by the Kansas City Royals

Kansas City is a baseball city. All the excitement of this winning season and last seasons World Series has ignited the creativity and passion in all things Royals. Check out the awesome products that were made by Handmade in KC designers.


From left to right: 
Stand Out Style All About Baseball Bracelet, Nuggets of Goodness Blue Recycled Vintage Drop Earrings, Creations by MandJ Royals inspired Elephant Lovie With Ribbon, Nuggets of Goodness Upcycled Blue Necklace, Nuggets of Goodness Blue Necklace, Ivory Isis Vintage Key Blue Ribbon Necklace, Hang Ups in KC Be Royal Hand Stamped Baseball Necklace. 

We have so many wonderful items from all types of jewelry to upcycled art to clothing to wall hangings. Please support these wonderful hometown vendors who love for our hometown teams!

From left to right:
Handmade by Lolo Z Royals fan clothing for children, FabTabulous Royal blue guitar string earrings,
Life’s Gems:  I love KC Baseball Upcycled Art, Nuggets of Goodness:  Royal Blue Recycled Ring, Hang Ups in KC: Take Me Out To The Ballgame Hand Stamped Bracelet, Nuggets of Goodness:  Blue Recycled Magnet, FabTabulous:  Royals Guitar String Bracelet.
Thank you to LeTysha from Stand Out in Style for creating this blog post of behalf of Handmade in Kansas City.

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