Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet the Maker - Handmade by Lolo Z

Hello!  It’s Laura from Handmade by Lolo Z – maker of custom clothing and accessories.

So here is my story :)  I come from a long line of ladies who sew – My grandpa has told me the story of how his mom would ask him to pick out fabric in the morning as he was headed out to work on the family farm.  When he got home, he would have a brand new shirt to wear out that night. I just love hearing about how much she loved to sew!  
I remember playing dress up in the prom dresses that my Grandma made for my mom, and wearing the matching outfits my mom made for my two sisters, two brothers and me.  I remember her being up so late sewing, usually the night before we had to wear the clothes to church!  I would fall asleep to the sound of her machine – and now my kids get to do the same!   The first item of clothing I made was a teal and hot pink plaid pleated wrap skirt in 9th or 10th grade.  Looking back, it was hideous, but I thought it was pretty awesome that I could make my own stuff, exactly the way I wanted it.  Whenever I had a picture in mind of the perfect outfit and then couldn’t find it in a store, I just made it myself, including a pair of super sweet red sequin wide leg pants for New Year’s Eve (also hideous, in hindsight).

I think I have always entertained the idea of making clothes for others in the back of my mind, but it didn’t seem like a safe, responsible career, so I became a teacher.  Handmade by Lolo Z was born in 2010 as a fun hobby and my first projects made for sale were aprons.  I really, really, really love buying fabric in general and aprons don’t have be custom fit.  Aprons are still something I enjoy, but I have slowly transitioned into clothing – mostly due to the encouragement of my sister, Erin and best friends, Missey and Andie. 

My favorite things I have made so far are coordinating family outfits for pictures and vacation wardrobes.  My latest adventure has been hand dying fabric.  After spending countless hours shopping for the perfect match, I did a little research online, bought some dye and tried it out.  I am currently doing a set of bridesmaid dresses, each dyed a different shade of green for an ombre look as they are standing together.

The last four years have been a crazy ride –  huge celebrations for my first overseas order, first order of 50 items, being featured on blogs – I am in shock every time I something NEW happens.  I have just recently decided to sew as my full time job.  I hope the flexibility allows me to spend more time with my family and get a little more sleep, since I won’t have to be sewing late into the night! 

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