Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet the Maker - Creations by M and J

Hello everyone! I'm Jen. My company is Creationsby M and J. The M is for my mom, Marie and the J is for me. We started the business together in 2012 and while my mom is still part of the business she has stepped back some. Mom has been sewing for years and often made clothing for my sister and I while we were growing up. Now she enjoys sewing for her grandkids and also creating cute little dolly diaper bags for little girls and boys.

I started sewing to make the items I would need for the nursery of my youngest child. I had lost my 3 previous pregnancies between 10-16 weeks due to miscarriage so I struggled with buying anything for my newest little guy. I needed something to do to keep myself occupied while on restricted activity waiting for him to arrive so I sewed. Turns out I needed that creative outlet and creating something was a great stress reliever. By the time he arrived I'd become a little obsessed with sewing and decided to try my hand at selling my creations.

The first few months of my son's life he napped to the sound of my sewing machine, now I sew in the evenings and on weekends as I also work a full time job outside the home. My son is still fascinated by the sewing machine and loves to help pick out fabric. My daughter has recently decided to try her hand at sewing and has done quite well. I think I have a little sewer on my hands which means I get to buy twice the fabric right?

In the time since we first started selling our creations we've moved from mostly baby items to also include items for little boys and girls such as doll accessories and stuffed animals. I love custom orders because it gives me the chance to create something that is just what someone is looking for.

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