Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's do this together

Kansas City loves small businesses.
Kansas City loves handmade.

What's better than handmade? Handmade in Kansas City!

The internet is a big place! It's hard to find handmade small businesses online, and it's even harder when you're trying to find a specific item especially when you want to find locally made products!

That's really had it all got started. I sent out anonymous surveys to ask where buyers find me and if they were satisfied with their purchase.
It was just a simple comment where a buyer from Kansas City. Soon it created a spark, and Handmade in Kansas City was started!

Handmade in Kansas City is the perfect resource for you to find locally handmade products!

We are a member based run group.  We will be trying our best to spread the love of handmade! We're starting out in Kansas City, and sharing our love for handmade everywhere we go!

We cannot be where we are without your love for handmade and your support!

Let's do this together!  Spread the love of handmade in Kansas City!

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